22nd Annual Loop The Lake

Saturday August 12th, 2017

The Loop the Lake race event is located in the Columbia Valley, and the unparalleled scenery makes this event something special. We offer participants) a course through some of the most beautiful country in BC. The magnificent Purcell and Rocky mountain ranges flank the valley, and  good weather and sunshine are the norm. You will fall in love with this event because of its fresh, peaceful, and rejuvenating surroundings.

Bring your family and make the ‘Loop’ weekend into a short summer trip.  There is something for everyone before and after the event!

RESULTS For 2016

Half Marathon    10 Km    5 km 

Congratulations to our New Balance draw winners.  Two lucky winners, Lula H. and Melanie K. had their names drawn and now are decked out in a complete running outfit (including running shoes!) courtesy of New Balance and Crazy Soles.

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NEW FOR 2016  

5 Km Route  



Looking to Volunteer?

The Rotary Club of Invermere is always looking for volunteers to help out during the event.  If you are interested, email rick@valleycpa.ca for more information.

Join us for the 2017 Loop the Lake Event

10km Race Event

Loop the Lake 10km Race Event

The 10 km event starts near the Community Hall in Windermere. The course winds its way up and down scenic roads in the Lakeview area. Reflections of the Purcells in Lake Windermere are spectacular on quiet days. Continue down the hill and across the bridge into Athalmer and on through Invermere to the finish at Pynelogs Cultural Centre (near Kinsmen Beach).

You now have the rest of the day to rest, relax and have fun with friends and family.

Fees: $45 and includes a 20th Annual Souvenir Shirt

Registration: $45 deadline July 31st. Thereafter add $10.00.

Check-In: Friday August 4th, Invermere Curling Club (downtown Invermere, across from the Liquor Store) 11 AM to 8 PM. You will receive your race kits.

StartTime: 8:00 AM Saturday August 5th at Windermere Community Hall

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1/2 Marathon Race Event

Loop the Lake 10km Marathon Event

Skandia Concrete, on Highway 93 is the starting point for the 1/2 Marathon Event.  You will ten go east on Windermere Loop Road, which gradually turns north at the Windermere Golf Course. Continue past the Golf Course to a water station  turn around point, about 4 Km from the start.
Enjoy the views and the downhill back to the start, where you will cross the Highway #95. This crossing will be controlled by licensed flag persons. The route descends to the base of Coldstream Hill by following Windermere Rd.   You will meet up with the 10km Event route (see 10Km Tab), and make your way to the finish at Pynlogs Cultural center, Invermere, near Kinsmen Beach.


Fee:                        $55 and includes a 20th Annual Souvenir Event Shirt

Registration:   $55 deadline July 31st. Thereafter add $10.00.

Check-In:          Friday August 4th, Invermere Curling Club (downtown Invermere, across from the Liquor Store)   11 AM to 8 PM. You will receive your race kits.

StartTime:        7:30 at the intersection of Highway 93/95 and Kootenay Road #3, starting at Skandia Concrete Ltd. office.  Please make your own way to the start, as we will NOT be providing bus service from Invermere to the start.  There is unorganized parking near the start, and there will be bus service provided from the finish back to your vehicles after the awards.

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